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How APPLE Applies Design To Its Experience – And To Itself

A StoryMiners White Paper.
2 Superpowers.
2 Points of View: FOH vs. BOH.
5 Ways to Use Design to Become Agile.

CX FOCUS: Apple Stores gives you a behind-the-scenes look at essential principles you will need to master if your goal is to reinvent an important experience at your organization, company, or brand. This StoryMiners White Paper reveals the essential design principles of Customer Experience Design, FOH/BOH, and Organizational Agility using the Apple Store as its primary example

If you seek inspiration, ideas, and techniques to differentiate your next-generation brand experience, this White Paper will help. It is packed with specific suggestions and supporting examples. Apple truly designed itself and inside are the tools and rules you need to know about. 

Reading this White Paper will make you more aware of the intimate connections between strategy and experience. They are one and the same--at least to a designer. 

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